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5 AXIS Vertical Machining Centers
Equipment in our cnc precision machine shop

5 axis machining Haas UMC 750: 5-AXIS Vertical Machine Center

5 Axis machining changes the world. The UMC-750ís dual-axis trunnion table can position parts to nearly any angle for 5-sided (3+2) machining, or provide full simultaneous 5-axis motion for contouring and complex cnc machining.

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center; 30" x 20" x 20" (762 x 508 x 508 mm), with 500 mm integrated 2-axis trunnion rotary table, 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 8100 rpm, inline direct-drive, 40+1 side mount tool changer, 1200 ipm (30.5 m/min) rapids, spindle orientation, macros, coordinate rotation & scaling, Wireless Intuitive Probing System, second home button, color remote jog handle, power-failure detection module, 1 GB expanded memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 75-gallon (284 liter) flood coolant system. More details on 5 axis Haas UMC 750.

Haas VF-5SSHaas VF-5SS: 5-AXIS Vertical Machine Center

The Haas VF-5SS VMC is an American-made cnc machining center that combines innovative design principles, unique control features and quality construction to make it simple, versatile and affordable. The ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup reduces tooling cost and labor time, resulting in a better cost per part in addition to maintaining parts conformity throughout the run of the part. We depend on this cnc machine in many jobs we do. More details on Haas VF-5SS.
Haas VF-5SSHaas VF-2SS: 3-AXIS Vertical Machine Center

The Haas high-performance Super-Speed vertical machining center provide the high spindle speeds, fast rapids and quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times. VH-2SS machine features a 12,000-rpm, inline direct-drive spindle, an ultra-fast side-mount tool changer and high-speed rapids on all axes. More details on Haas VF-2SS.

Matsuura RA-IG-details: Matsuura RA-IG: twin pallet vertical cnc precision machining center.

This cnc machine can be configured with a high speed motor which extends the speed range to 15,000 rpm. For heavier duty machining applications such as when machining cast steel or forgings for the automotive sector the standard 10/74 hp motor offers a low end torque capability of 35 lb-ft while still offering a wide speed range of 60 - 8000 rpm. More details on RA-IG.
MC-500V-PC-2S Matsuura MC-500V-PC-2S: Details
Matsuura MC-500V-PC-2S

Twin pallet vertical cnc machining center with magnetic spindle installation - a three axes vertical mill center with magnetic spindle capable of high speed machining, on-line signal analysis, and closed-loop machining system control. More details on MC-500V.
Matsuura MC-510-VG MC-510-VG: AC Manufacturing Matsuura MC-510-VG vertical cnc machining centers.
Matsuura's components such us the highest classification, ultra precision ballscrews, quality bearings, micro swiches and assembly processes contribute to accuracy and machine life. Performance of Matsuura machine is achieved by compact digital drivers used on slideways. 1181 in/min in the Z axis takes a mere 88 msecs. More details on MC-510 VG.
CNC Machine Shop : Lathes
<B>Nakamura Tome Slant TMC-300C</B> <B>Nakamura Tome Slant TMC-300C</B> Nakamura Tome Slant TMC-300C features:

Two-Axis Slant Bed CNC Turning Center
CNC Lathe 300mm
15 HP wide range motor
Box type slides and rigid turret
Quick change tooling
More details on Nakamura TMC-300C.
Star VNC-12 Star VNC-12 Star VNC-12 Swiss Style Screw Machine
The VNC-12 sliding headstock lathe was designed to satisfy the need to combine precision and production.

It is equipped with twin hexagon turrets, both able to accommodate live tools. Center drill, tapping, reaming at the cut-off end can be accomplished without interrupting the main turning operation. (5 axis / Multi Spindle / Live Tooling) More details on VNC-12.
CNC Machine Shop : Conventional Equipment
Bridgeport Milling Machine<

Bridgeport Milling Machine
Digital Readout
more info.
Hardinge Chucker
Hardinge "Chucker"
Manual Lathe
more info.
Manual Surface Grinder
more info.
Support Equipment
Amada H250 Amada H250

Automatic Horizontal Band saw
Power Feed and Part Counter
Startrite 20"
Vertical Band Saw
Vibratory Tumbler
More details on Amada H250.
Cnc machining : Inspection Equipment
Brown & Sharpe Advantage Brown & Sharpe Advantage

The Global Advantage is a flexible gauging system that can handle any measurement and inspection task quickly and efficiently.

Coordinate Measuring Machine or "CMM"
Meyer Gage Pin set .011-1.000"
Brown and Sharpe Dial Calipers, 6" and 12", and 24" Verneer Calipers
Starrett Micrometers, 0-1", 1-2", 2-3", 4-5", 5-6"
Starett Depth Mic, 0-6" Brown and Sharpe Test Indicators, .0001, .0005
Various Starett Specialty Micrometers. More details on Brown & Sharpe Advantage

TESA Micro-Hite 3D

Tesa 3D Micro-hite 3D Measurement Station replaces traditional manual measuring tools and provides automatic data collection and analysis for a variety of shop floor measurement and inspection applications. The simple design and operation of Micro-hite 3d allows non-experienced shop personnel to perform 1, 2, and 3D measurement routines quickly and easily without the need for computer keyboard entries.

Air Bearing System
All Aluminum Construction
Fine Adjust on all Axes
Intuitive Operator Interface with Graphical Display
Manual Scanning and Reverse Engineering
Smart Card Program Storage
Program Re-Play mode wit Graphical Roadmap
Report Printout and RS232 output

Various Starett Specialty Micrometers. More details on TESA Micro-Hite 3D

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