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The Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage

Brown & Sharpe Global

The Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage is the advanced package available that provides the combined performance of accuracy and speed. It comes standard with a high performance touch probe, the CLIMA thermal compensation model, advanced software with CAD and additional capabilities, training and warranty. The Advantage model also includes the highest performance drives of all Global designs, bringing its top acceleration up to 4.3m/s2, for maximum measuring throughput.

Features include:

  • GlobalŪ Advantage Base Machine
  • FB2 GlobalŪ Control System
  • CLIMA Temperature Compensation
  • Choice of Motorized Probe Head
  • Probe Stylus Kit #200
  • Touch Trigger Probe (TP200) with standard force stylus module
  • Qualification Sphere and Clamp Kit
  • Demonstration Block
  • Computer System, Printer, Monitor & Table/Workstation
  • DCC Software
The Global Advantage also has the benefit of being a scanning-ready system without the need for additional wiring or controller electronics. Visit Brown&Sharpe's website to find out more.

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