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HARDINGE HC CHUCKER: Metalworking lathes
In a metalworking lathe, metal is removed from the workpiece using a hardened cutting tool, which is usually fixed to a solid moveable mounting called the "toolpost", which is then moved against the workpiece using handwheels and/or computer controlled motors.

The toolpost is operated by leadscrews that can accurately position the tool in a variety of planes. The toolpost may be driven manually or automatically to produce the roughing and finishing cuts required to turn the workpiece to the desired shape and dimensions, or for cutting threads, worm gears, etc. Cutting fluid may also be pumped to the cutting site to provide cooling, lubrication and clearing of swarf from the workpiece. Some lathes may be operated under control of a computer for mass production of parts.

Metalworking lathes are commonly provided with a variable ratio gear train to drive the main leadscrew. This enables different pitches of threads to be cut. Some older gear trains are changed manually by using interchangeable gears with various numbers of teeth, while more modern or elaborate lathes have a quick change box to provide commonly used ratios by the operation of a lever.

The bulk of the machines that Bridgeport made from about 1965 onward used an R8 collet system. Prior to that, most of the machines used a Morse Taper #2 collet system.Bridgeport is now owned by Hardinge Brothers (NASDAQ : HDNG) of Elmira, New York . Visit Hartdinge's website to find out more information.

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Spindle Construction: Hardinge Preloaded Ball Bearing
Spindle capacity:
w/round 5C Hardinge collets: 1-1/16"
w/Heksagon 5C Hardinge collets: 7/8"
w/square 5C Hardinge collets: 3/4"
w/step chucks: 1-1/16" to 6"
w/jaw chucks: 6"

Spindle nose diameter: 2.189"
Spindle nose thread: 2-3/16" - 10 R.H.
Maximum fixture diameter: 9"
Maximum distance from face of turret
to spindle: 13"
Travel of cross slide: 4-1/2"
Cross slide power feed range: 1/4" to 10" per min..
Spindle speeds:
3 Selector variable speed machines
Low speeds: 125 to 1100 rpm
High speeds: 1100 to 3000 rpm
Weight of machine: 1750 lbs.
Dimensions: 72" L-R X 28" F-B X 64" h
Electrics: 220 volts, 3 ph, 60 cyc

Equipped with:
Threaded nose spindle
Lever 5C collet closer
Eight station turrent
Variable speed drive
Coolant system

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