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Matsuura RA-1G:

Matsuura RA-1G: Sharing all the features and attributes of the MC-510-VG such us rigidity, accuracy, reliability and ease of operation, the RA-1G offers even greater levels of productivity, extremely cost effectively thanks to its integrally configured automatic pallet changer.

 5 axis machining Based upon proven and established machine tool design principles, the bed and column castings incorporate heavy ribbing for maximum rigidity. Widely spaced, rectangular section column guideways provides maximum support for the head stock.

Matsuuras' s components such us the highest classification, ultra precision ballscrews, high quality bearings, micro switches and assembly processes like hand scraping of mating faces and column guideways contribute to sustained accuracy and machine life. Performance and quality of cnc machining of Matsuura machine is achieved by compact digital drivers used on slideways. 1181 in/min in the Z axis takes a mere 88 msecs.

A Heart of Matsuura RA-1G is highly acclaimed and patented spindle which offers a wide speed range of 60 - 8000 rpm as standard. The 2.76" diameter spindle runs on combination of pre-tensioned angular contact steel and ceramic bearings, offering significant advantages with regard to heat reduction and sustained accuracy during prolonged operation. Thanks to direct drive arrangement, the spingle accelerates from 0 to 8000 rpm in 1.43 seconds while less time is required to decelerate and stop. It becomes a valuable machine inour machine shop. Stainless steel, Alumnium, Plastics are materials we work with. Visit Matsuura's website to find out more.

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RA-1G has a shuttle type 2 pallet changer with pallet change time on only 9 seconds
and clamping force of 3525 lbf.

Movement and ranges:
X-axis travel : 20"
Y-axis travel : 15.7"
Z-axis travel : 18.1"
Working surface: 14.9" - 24.9"
Max load on table : 880 lbs
T slot : 11/16" X 3 X 5
Pallet working surface: 23.6" - 14.9"
Pallet loading capacity: 550 lbs
Tapped holes: 5/8" -11X42
Centre hole (size): 2"
Rapid traverse rate :(X, Y, Z) 1181/ 1181/ 945 in/min
Feedrate : 0.1 -393.7 in/min
Jog feedrate : 0-157 in/min
Positioning accuracy(x/y): +/- 0.0002" /full stroke
Positioning accuracy (z): +/- 0.00023" /full stroke
Repeatability (x/y/z): +/- 0.00004" /full stroke
Repeatability of pallet clamping : 0.00012"

Automatic Pallet Changer:
Number of Pallets: 2 pcs
Method of pallet change : shuttle type
Pallet change time: 9 secs
Pallet clamping force : 3525 lbs
Spindle drive motor: AC10hp (30 min rating) Feed motors:
X/axis : AC 1.75 hp (at 1500-1)
Y/axis : AC 1.75 hp (at 1500-1)
Z/axis : AC 3.9 hp (at 1500-1)
Coolant Pump Motor: 0.54 hp
Lubrication pump motor : 0.027 hp
Power Supply:
Electrical Power Supply : AC200/220V +/- 10%
Compressed Air Supply: 0.54-0.93 Mpa
Volume of compressed air: 132 galls/min
Ditto - 1500min - 1 Optional : 172 galls/min
Cnc Machine Size:
Cnc Machine height: 107.3"
Mass of machine (w/o pallet and base) : 8488 lbs
Mass of machine/30 tools : 8818 lbs
Machine color: white/red
System: Yasnac J300
Controlled axes : 3 simultaneous
Tape Memory: 131.2 ft Display panel: 9"
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