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AC Manufacturing is a complete 5 axis cnc machine shop capable of machining parts to customer specification (conventional and 5 axis machining). We can machine to print and accept the most common file formats including: .dwg .dxf .iges .step .sat as well as .pdf files. If you don't see your file format here let us know. Please send us files to: We can accept both small and large run jobs of custom machined parts.

If you need copper parts cnc machined we are one of the most capable and affordable sources specializing in manufacturing custom machined parts on advanced 5 axis cnc machines with cnc precision. With over two generations of knowledge and experience, our team is able to produce copper parts that require innovative tooling and fixturing in a timely manner with competitive price. We do cnc machining on 5 axis all kinds of copper and copper alloys.

We provide Turning and Milling, 3 axis , 3+2 axis & continuous 5 axis machining).

We accept both small and large run jobs, Minimum quantity for order is 1.
Short lead times are often available 2-3 days.
Standard lead time is 2 weeks.

copper cnc machining Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility. In legend, copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates that mental agility, and quick wit. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies emanating from higher planes, etc. Historically, copper was the first metal to be worked by people. The discovery that it could be hardened with a little tin to form the alloy bronze gave the name to the Bronze Age. Most copper is used in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. This is because it conducts both heat and electricity very well, and can be drawn into wires. It also has uses in construction (for example roofing and plumbing), and industrial machinery (such as heat exchangers).

Copper cnc machining is the specialized precision machining of customer designed copper components from cold headed blanks, copper blanks, or solid copper bars. Copper is a very difficult metal to machine and requires specialized process knowledge for manufacturing. Copper alloys are often used in place of pure copper to improve machinability, especially when performing more intricate custom work. As such, specialized knowledge and expertise is necessary when machining copper on 5 axis equipment. Completed operations include milling, slotting, drilling, tapping, counterboring, chamfering, threading, knurling, brazing, grooving, trimming, and nickel plating.

We use 5 axis machines such as Haas UMC 750 and Haas VF-5SS as well as conventional milling equipment (Matsuura RA-1G, MC 500V PC 2S and MC-510 VG). Using the latest CNC machines we undertake the precision manufacture of copper parts to accurate and tight tolerance standards at a lower cost.

Pure copper is difficult to machine on 5 axis because of its high ductility and high cold workability. Tool wear is very high and chip formation very poor. As chip compression is substantial, the cutting edge is subjected to large mechanical loads. The long tubular chips that form when pure copper is machined are difficult to handle and remove. As the cutting pressure remains uniform when machining pure copper, chatter marks tend not to form. There is however a risk of built-up edge formation when cnc machining pure copper and this can lead to a poor machined finish. The tendency to form a built-up edge decreases with increasing cutting speed and greater feed rates. As copper oxide does not dissolve in copper, the oxygen-bearing copper.
Brass parts

Machining copper alloys
Compared to other metallic structural materials, most copper-based materials are relatively easy to machine. CNC Machining copper alloys is considerably easier than cnc machining steels or aluminium alloys of the same strength. Parts that are mass-manufactured are typically machined from copper materials. In order to meet a very wide range of technical and engineering requirements, a great number of copper-based materials have been developed over the years that are used for 5 axis cnc machining.

Machining tungusten in our cnc machine shop:
Copper alloys
offer excellent electrical conductivity, making them a popular choice for custom machining of electrical contacts. Copper alloys like TeCu and CA 145 offer a reasonably low price point, making them popular for lower-cost custom machining jobs. Copper alloys like BeCu and alloy 25 are significantly stronger but are also significantly more expensive.
Examples of more recent developments include the low-alloyed copper alloys, copper-nickel alloys and lead-free copper alloys. The spectrum of materials available ranges from the high-strength copper-aluminium alloys to the very soft pure coppers with their high elongation after fracture.

When cnc machining copper alloys chip-breaking additives can increase the machinability of copper alloys. The sole chip-breaking alloying element used in copper alloys is lead. Adding lead to the alloy has only a minor effect on the materialís mechanical strength. However, the ability of the alloy to undergo cold forming and its ability to withstand impact and shock are both reduced significantly.

Designation Designation (non-standardized)
Copper -
Low-alloyed copper alloys (alloying elements < 5 %) -
Copper-aluminium alloys Aluminium bronze
Multi-component aluminium bronzes
Copper-nickel alloys -
Copper-nickel-zinc alloys Nickel silver
Copper-tin alloys Tin bronze
Multi-component aluminium bronzes
Copper-zinc alloys, binary alloys Brass
free-cutting brass
Copper-zinc alloys, multi-component alloys Special brass

Ultra precision 5 axis machining of copper
Copper finds widespread use in optical systems. Ultra-precision cnc machining of copper can produce optical components with high-quality mirror surfaces and high dimensional accuracy. Ultra precision 5 axis machining (also commonly known as diamond turning) differs from conventional machining techniques in the cutting material used. Monocrystalline diamond enables tools to be fashioned with very precise cutting edge geometry and low wear. Ultra-precision 5 axis machining lathes are generally equipped with a minimum quantity lubrication system. Copper and copper alloys are used for different ultra-precision machining applications. Copper is widely used for fabricating optical components for laser systems. Copper is chosen not only because it permits fabrication of high-quality surfaces, but also, and importantly, because of its high heat capacity. AC manufacturing machine shop

Some copper-based materials are cnc machined dry whereas others are machined while applying a cutting fluid. On some machine tools, the use of a cutting fluid is essential as the cutting fluid also serves to lubricate parts of the machine. During 5 axis machining, the cutting fluid does not normally penetrate to the root of the chip so that there is no direct influence of the toolís cutting edge at the tool-work contact zone. .

More information about machining copper and copper alloys can be find in PDF file prepared by German Copper Institute / Deutsches Kupferinstitut


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