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6061 Aluminum part: CNC precision machining  YouTube

This comprehensive part's design intended for lab equipment was sent in a native SolidWorks file. Native files allow us to directly work on a project without additional issues and speed up programming and job completion time. Despite being sophisticated and time consuming part we managed to verify the intersection of all holes perfectly. Using our 5 axis cnc machine ensured us the most accurate and precise positioning of the features. On the other hand we took advantage of an optical comperator to meassure positions from hole to hole and maintained correct distances according to a CAD file.

This part had over one houndred interconecting holes and chambers from different sides. Thanks to our 5 Axis machine we were able to rebore and clean up all intersections quickly and inexpensively. Our precision cnc machining services are dedicated to many industries but specially booming Biotechnology industry.

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6061 aluminum part
Here is an example of how we do 5 axis CNC machining.

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