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AC Manufacturing has provided Bay Area, CA (San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose) with the highest quality manufacturing and machining services since 1995. We continue to grow thanks to our customers support and new demands of an ever changing manufacturing world. Our customers come to us because of our reputation for quality and on-time delivery at a competitive price. AC will manage your entire project, meet your timelines and ship product to specification. We are competitive in rapid prototyping, short-run and high-volume machining projects. The goal is to develop relationships that aren't measured in Contract lengths, Months or Years.
The goal is to develop relationships that last lifetimes.

Take a minute to browse our machine shop's website and learn how Cnc machining on time. can be "Your Partners in Excellence".

cnc machine shop    Our 7,200 square foot cnc machine shop located in San Jose area features an arsenal of precision equipment (such as 5 axis Haas) to tackle the high volume Milling and Turning demands of todays market. We specialize in quick turn precision machining. At AC Manufacturing you get your parts fast and you get them right .

Check out our equipment    Combine our years of cnc machining expertice with state of the art equipment and cutting edge software and the result is AC's finely tuned manufacturing shop solution right here in the heart of Silicon Valley.

AC Machining has many types of cnc machines for manufacturing your parts. Our Haas machines are capable of holding tight tolerances on large production runs or single prototype pieces. We have five axis vertical and horizontal centers that can turn, bore, thread, groove, drill your machined parts.

Check out our showcase    Precision Milling or Turning or both on one cnc machine is what we do best. To see some pictures of work and prototypes we have done in our shop, check out our cnc machining showcase . This will give you an idea of the quality and precision you could expect from AC Manufacturing.

We cut all materials like aluminum and plastics and more difficult to machine materials like stainless steels, copper and Titanium, Kovar, Invar, Hastelloy with extreme precision using CAD/CAM software as well as other newest cnc machine industry tools and equipement. AC machining helps you to produce prototypes parts. Whether your prototype is a lead to production runs, a stand-alone piece, or a fixture, we are here to deal with it.

Our extensive experience allows you to consult on your design and look at various options in materials, finishes, and machining operations Ė all while keeping costs down.

No job is too little or too big for:
AC Manufacturing

Combine our machine shop's capabilities with that of our various partners and you have a one stop local machining solution. We can supply individual custom made parts or build assemblies combining sheet metal fabrication, machining, turning, milling, welding, plating, assembling etc. AC Manufacturing is your premier choice for machine shop in Bay Area servicing local industry in surrounding San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose as well as distant customers in New York, Texas, North Carolina and all across the USA.
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CNC Precision machining and milling:
The introduction of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) in machine shops radically changed the manufacturing industry.
cnc milled part
Curves are as easy to cut as straight lines, complex 3-D structures are relatively easy to produce, and the number of steps that required human action have been dramatically reduced thus saving time in money in cnc shop. With the increased automation of manufacturing processes with precision 5 axis CNC machining, considerable improvements in consistency and quality have been achieved in modern machine shops.

Cnc Automation reduces the frequency of errors and provides machine shop operators with time to perform additional tasks. Automation also allows for more flexibility in the way parts are held in the manufacturing process and the time required to change the machine to produce different components.

Haas milling Haas UMC 750 rewiev: We all know about vertical and horizontal cnc machining centers, but the newest innovation from Haas Automation is their Universal Machining Center know as the UMC-750. The machine is a 5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center with an integrated dual-axis trunnion table with travels of 30″ x 20″ x 20 suited for most machine shops

The UMC-750ís dual-axis trunnion table can position parts to nearly any angle for 5-sided (3+2) machining, or provide full simultaneous 5-axis motion for contouring and complex cnc machining. The trunnion provides +110 and -35 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation for excellent tool clearance and large part capacity, and the 630 x 500 mm table features standard T-slots and a precision pilot bore for fixturing.

UMC 750 Interior ViewThe machineís 8100-rpm inline direct-drive spindle is powered by a 30-horsepower vector drive system. For cnc machine shops wanting higher spindle speeds, an optional 12,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle is available. Both spindles yield 90 ft-lb of cutting torque. Wireless Intuitive Probing System, second home button, color remote jog handle, 1 MB program memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 75-gallon (284 liter) flood coolant system.

For more details visit Haas Automation.

This cnc machine is definitely one to watch. Stay tuned…

Top Androit machinist apps You can use in cnc shop:

machinist app
Milling Speed and Feet
Developer: M Star
The title says it all, but dig deeper and the nice thing about this cnc app is the ability to save your machineís max RPM, max IPM and max HP. With this information stored, simply plug in some details about your cutter and the type of material you want to cut in your cnc schop and the app figures out your starting figures for RPM, feedrate, radial and axial DoC and required HP. Itís up to you to verify and tweak the machining numbers for your application. Overall, very nice app. Hereís a link to the app
Machinistís Calculator
Developer: Trades Math Calculator
We may have saved the best for last. While the other apps weíve covered offer basic F&S calculations, this one also solves common trigonometry in an easy to use format. It even provides X-Y coordinates for bolt hole circles. Yes, other apps are free and although this one will cost, we feel itís definitely worth every penny to use in a machine shop. Good cnc machine developers need to be supported and TMC definitely got this one right. The link to this app.

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