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ISAAT 2007 at SME International Grinding Conference

Short invitation from the host:
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is teaming with two prestigious international abrasive technology groups to bring ISAAT to North America for the first time. SME, The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology (JSAT) and the International Committee for Abrasive Technology (ICAT) are working together to bring all the latest advances in precision grinding and advanced abrasive technology to all aspects of the process.

This truly international conference features a dynamic keynote speaker, peer-reviewed technical papers, tabletop exhibits and networking opportunities. Let breakthroughs from around the globe revive your shop.

ISAAT 2007 is the only conference designed to bring SME's grinding experts together with the world's preeminent abrasives authorities for a thought provoking event. If you work with precision grinding or abrasive processes, ISAAT 2007 will connect you with manufacturers from around the world

If your company serves the aerospace, medical, electronics, automotive or semi-conductor industries, don't miss your opportunities at ISAAT 2007. This three -day event features conference sessions, international networking, dynamic presentations, and world-class exhibits.

Date:Sep 26 - 28, 2007
Sponsored by: Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Email: service@sme.org
Internet: http://www.sme.org

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