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THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM on Design for Manufacture and Assembly

The Product Development Conference on DFMA Best Practices of the Fortune 1000

Providence, Rhode Island USA

Short invitation from the host:

Can we talk? Itís far from the latest high-tech approach, but conversation is quickly being recognized as an important factor in product innovation. As global communications intensify and sourcing decisions multiply, pockets of smart collaboration within a manufacturing enterprise can make a difference to competitive advantage. Are you exploring the full potential of dialogue during your design cycle?

No matter how fast the world is going, in-depth evaluation of designs for ease of manufacture and assembly are still at the heart of developing high-quality and profitable products. Companies that get all their experts involved early in the product conversation are better able to avoid design problems that compromise quality and cut into profit. With Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), you can focus the complete intelligence of your organization on the goal of making better products.

Internet: http://www.dfma.com/forum/

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