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Makino’s 2007 Die Mold Expo

Short invitation from the host:
Makino’s 2007 Die Mold Expo will be held September 25 through 27, 2007 at the Auburn Hills, Michigan Tech Center. It will feature machine demonstrations, presentations on cutting-edge machining topics, and over 20 tooling and moldmaking vendors.

“Over the last 10 years, our bi-annual Die Mold Expo has become a big event to inform moldmakers about emerging technologies and new techniques,” said Mark Rentschler, Makino’s marketing manager. “In addition, it’s a great way for our engineers to show moldmakers the potential they have to produce molds faster and with less secondary work; sharing with them Makino’s new thinking in moldmaking.”

The machines to be displayed, schedule of presentations and vendors on display will be announced in the coming weeks. Information will be posted when available at

Makino is a global provider of advanced machining technology and application support, where new thinking takes shape for the metalcutting and die/mold industries. Makino manufacturing and service centers are located in the United States, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Italy, France, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Mexico, Brazil, and India, and are supported by a worldwide distributor network. For more information call 1.800.552.3288

Date:Sep 25 - 27, 2007
Sponsored by: Makino


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