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25th Annual BIEMH International Machine-tool Biennial

Short description:
The 25th BIEMH will bring together the top manufacturers and distributors in the industry sectors to enjoy a showcase of top-level technology and a perfect setting for business contacts. Visitors from all over the world will be on hand to see the latest developments, technologies and services being offered from the leaders in each specialty field.

This trade fair is the key event for the machine tool industrial sector in Spain and will probably remain so for a long time. Trade fairs are not enjoying a great moment given the current economic environment, but most companies agree that key events at national and international level will continue to attract exhibitors and visitors. Companies will carefully di-rect the use of their (human and financial) resources at those first-class shows and avoid “experiments” with secondary non-consolidated events. BIEMH is one of those key events and any foreign company involved in this industry wishing to start doing business in Spain should consider visiting or exhibiting.

It is a very international trade fair due to the fact that a great number of European and Japanese companies do their follow-up with their (normally well-established) business contacts in Spain during the trade fair, covering one of the leading European markets for this industry. The Basque Country is one of the main machine tool manufacturing regions in Europe. Both OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and components suppliers have typically estab-lished their own branch in Spain or enjoy a good relationship with solid distributors. There-fore, the show is very well considered by companies despite the fact that “they see the same faces every edition”, a sign of a mature well-established market.

Summary Report on BIEMH 2006 - International Machine Tool Biennial (pdf file)

Sponsored by: Bilbao Exhibition Centre & AFM (Spanish Association of Machine-tool Manufacturers)

Email: biemh@bec.eu
Internet: www.bilbaoexhibitioncentre.com/biemh

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